Be a part of the movement

There are many different ways to get involved with The District.


Board Member

The Board is a functioning administrative group elected to take the necessary action to achieve the mission of The District. It governs The District and carries out resolutions, policies and activities voted on by the members. It determines policy for The District in accordance with its delegated authority, and within the context of the bylaws of The District and the Main Street Program.

If you are interested in being a part of The District Board, please email

District Diplomat

The District Diplomats serve as liaisons for The District and help to keep communication and enthusiasm flowing between the organization and it’s members and businesses. Volunteers will help in a variety of functions to strengthen the organization while having fun.

For more information, please email Kelsey Deters at

Interest parties, please fill out form and return to The District

District Intern

Internships with The District are available throughout the year. Interns help with a variety of projects based on interest and the needs of The District. Internships are available, but not limited to those interested in: City Planning & Development, Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Marketing, Pubic Relations & Communications, Special Events, Media, Development & Fundraising.

For more information, please email Kelsey Deters at